Where has Peer Pressure Kept You?

By Peace Wobo

So many are in the grave today because they gave in to peer pressure. Some are single parents and out of school because they so eagerly desired the pleasures of sin over self control and because they also believed myths from the pit of hell. A lot of young people today are into Yahoo because they want to feel among and flex. They want to wear designers clothes, shoes, belts and carry most expensive handbags and even use the latest iphone. 

It's not like am proud or anything of it but am grateful that my life has never been influenced by any kind of pressure. I am so grateful to God that I have never made any life decisions based on peer pressure or myths or lies and that is because I know the Truth that guides the Way and lights my path in life. Even before I met Jesus, God was involved in my life but I never knew it until I met Jesus.

Am so excited when you say am outdated. I rejoice when you say I don't know what's up. I rejoice when you feel you can say things to put me under pressure, unfortunately you make me rejoice and go back to God with thanksgiving. Those words are one of the easiest ways to put me in check, it helps me to quickly know that am still intact with the Lord because I am in the world but am not of the world. I would find it troubling if the people of the world conform to my way of life.

I always tell young people that life is a choice. What you are today and what you do today is all about the choices you make and have made. It's not any demon, let's leave the devil alone. You had sex because you wanted to not because the devil possessed you. You joined yahoo because you are eager to acquire wealth that you aren't ready to labour for the right way because the right way is not an easy way, it's no devil. It has always been about self self self. 

Am not out to condemn or judge anyone but am here to tell you that you can do better. I don't know where peer pressure has kept you but you can choose not to be influenced anymore. You can choose to come out of every cage and lies. Don't be ashamed of your identity, the things they mock you with should rather make you proud not ashamed. That's the tool the enemy uses, he says those things to make you feel bad and ashamed of yourself, don't give in to that cheap antics, be proud and happy. If they tell you that you are not man or woman enough because you stand for sexual purity, rejoice and shout Hallelujah..

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