The 10 Virgins - story and implications.

SUNDAY, October 22, 2013 MESSAGE By Pastor Gbenga Oladipo
Topic: Personal Spiritual Revival- Readiness for Jesus the Bridegroom. 

Text: Matt. 25:1-13
A message centered on the ten virgins.

Points to Consider from the Passage:

1. There were ten virgins waiting for their wedding. Waiting for their glorious manifestation - Being virgins qualified them for the wedding. So they were believers, they were qualified, they were people that the bridegroom was looking forward to meet.

2. Five of them were wise, Five were foolish. The foolish ones did not prepare themselves but they were waiting, waiting without preparation is foolishness.

3. They lacked extra oil - The Bible is one of the extra oil you need as a believer. Don't joke with studying God's word.

4. After a long wait, they heard the noise of the coming of the bridegroom - so many of us have heard about the second coming of our Lord Jesus at one time or the other, some are giving up because He still hasn't come. Everybody has a period of waiting. Waiting is part of the Christian experience before the harvest.

5. The foolish virgins realised they needed more oil at the arrival of the bridegroom. Don't allow life to meet you by accident. The foolish virgins did not prepare, they allowed life to happen to them suddenly. Do something now, strategize, start planning your retirement from day one of your work life.

6. They begged oil from the wise virgins but no one agreed to give them. It is useless to share something with someone that after sharing what is left won't be useful to you and it won't also be useful to the person.. it means that the resources has been wasted and that's why the wise virgins did not share their oil, there are things you can't share - At the day of reckoning, everyone will stand for himself. Nobody will have time for you. It is the life you have lived that will speak for you. Don't think you are doing what you are doing in the house of God to show God a favour rather God is the one favouring you.

7. When the foolish virgins returned the door was closed against them. The problem was not that they lacked money to get extra oil but foolishness did not allow them to plan right. 

Stop giving excuses in the house of God. Stop living in foolishness, don't fool around while you are waiting. 

Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, don't think your righteousness, write standing, honesty, sacrifice, is in vain. You are not waiting in vain so don't get carried away by the things of the world, focus on Jesus, focus on the harvest. Decide not to be foolish, chose to be wise.

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