Prayer: A prerequisite, Not an Office, Not a Gift.

By Peace Wobo

I will start by sharing with you my personal experience with the Lord back in 2015 while I was actively serving as the SUCF Prayer Secretary for my set. 

One faithful day, He told me, that prayer is to the Christian what food is to the body. That didn't come from me because I've never thought about prayer in that line before, I just loved to pray because I don't know any other way or life outside this one.

The following question accompanied it, "is there anybody that does not need food to survive? My answer was an emphatic NO, in the same way, every believer needs prayer to survive.

I was like WOW. So if that's the case, why do we appoint Prayer Secretaries you will ask? Yes, we appoint Prayer Secretaries because we need people to lead and organise prayer sessions because our God is an orderly God. We also need to have people that are constantly upholding the church in prayers, standing in the gap and can also receive instructions from God for the church in the place of prayer so prayer team is very very vital in the church of God. They are burden bearers.

Since I got this vision, I don't just pray for people but anyone am opportune to spend time with, I try my best to pass the passion of prayer making them see the need to pray without depending on anyone.

Have you never wondered why the Lord never gave anyone the gift of prayer or leave such an office behind? Rather in Luke 18:1 He spoke a parable unto them saying that men ought always to pray and not to faint. 

The reason is that prayer is something everyone must do. That's why He said, men not prayer team members, men not only pastors, men not those people. This does not in anyway imply that you should disregard prayer team members but while they are interceding for you, learn also to pray for yourself and others. 

To excel in each of the gift and offices that Jesus gave men, everyone of them needs to pray and not to faint. No ministerial office can function well without prayers. We must  come alive in our prayer life. See prayer as you see your daily food.

The mistake some Christians make is believing that prayer is meant for prayer team members as the church will always appoint such to lead prayers in church. 

Some people will say things like, these ones have the gift of prayers, me I don't have the gift of prayers, I don't have the grace to pray for long not even 30minutes? Haba! How mistaken you are, God didn't give anyone the gift of prayers and it was deliberate and intentional, why; because, just as everybody needs food to live a healthy life, you need prayers to live a healthy spiritual Christian life. What am sharing here is what the Lord taught me 8years ago.

Beloved, you must build up yourself on your most holy faith through prayers. Pray in the spirit, pray in your understanding, pray, pray, pray. Learn to pray by praying. Jude 1:20 But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit

Anytime the Lord or the Bible talks about prayer, it refers to everyone not just to some office or gift. 

Though some persons have so built themselves in the place of prayer that God has given them the gift or burden of intercession. These are men that can be in their room and receive a burden to deliver a brother or sister in danger somewhere. They are burden bearers

There was a time I was praying in my room when I was still in Ghana and I heard the Lord tell me to start praying for my a friend of mine in Dubai that he would be delivered from Prison. I wanted to disobey because we suddenly couldn't reach him and his friends over there kept saying he was fine anytime I asked (but he was in prison, they lied), so why would I pray for him to be delivered from Prison if he was fine but the burden and instruction was very clear, so in obedience to the Lord because I know how He speaks to me, I started praying that prayer till the burden was lifted. 

I moved on with my life and all that, then one faithful day, I received a call from an unknown Nigerian number and alas it was my friend. My approach was first of an attack which wasn't right, I was angry, so you've been in Nigeria and decided to keep everyone quiet all these while? He got angry and ended the call, at that moment I realized my fault and called back, that was when he told me his ordeal and how God miraculously delivered him from prison (I can't share all that here). Though I never told him my prayers but that was when I remembered the prayers I prayed for him a month or 2 months ago. This is a life story, he is still alive and am alive today.

There is a level you will build yourself in the place prayer that God makes you a burden bearer and an intercessor that He would always find standing in the place of prayer and you become a mighty weapon in His hands that He can use to frustrate the counsel of the wicked over the lives of His children. 

Because of the nonchalant attitude to prayers, God is now looking for vessels that He can rely on. Men and Women He can trust to be standing when He seeks for a man to stand in the gap. 

It could be anybody that is always available. Can you make yourself available today?

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