What could be responsible for a situation as this?
What could actually make a young person cry right in the face of an exam? 

God's word in Psalms 126:5 says "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy"(KJV).
But one would ask if this is sowing in tears or something else? 

Truth be told, a lot of young people are seriously bleeding in their hearts. They feel that our society has failed them, parents have failed them and even some intellectual and religious personalities they ought to look up to has equality failed them and they are left at a crossroad, not knowing what or who to believe anymore, they are confused and agitated. Sometimes they just want to cry out and pour out their burdens but we shut them up by saying, she's crying for no reason or he's crying for no reason. What else do they want? I provide everything for them. Yes you do provide all that money can buy but failing to provide moral guidance and support which is equally and even more important.

A lot of young people out there have been abused by those who ought to have protected them. Some of them have been made to believe that they can never become useful in life and sometimes when they manage to summon the courage to speak out, nobody seems to want to listen to them, nobody is letting them talk, so they end up taking in a lot in their young age, they carry burdens they weren't supposed to, they are forced to act and behave matured even when they aren't and it all falls back to the society because they will grow up giving the wrong vibe and living fake lives (it's pathetic).

Are you sure there's no bleeding teenager around you that you have ignored/neglected and he/she is gradually giving up on life right under your nose but still you don't know it? 
As a parent, are you sure your teenager is not crying under your watch? 
As a teacher, are you sure your students are not crying under watch?

Now, a lot of things could be responsible for the picture above.
One of the first things that will come to mind is that failure to prepare is preparing to fail, so we could say that she didn't prepare well enough for the exams but I want to give us some other reasons we may never have considered.

It could also be that the student in question prepared according to what she has been taught and the area she was told to cover by her teacher but getting to the exam hall she saw something completely different from all she has been taught and told. Would you blame her at this point? What if the teacher did not even teach at all? Oh it happens these days.

It could also be that she has determined not to be part of the evil norm (exam malpractice) that is crippling our society and she is standing alone on that, while she sees others been handed the answers in the exams hall, she is standing alone and looking like an alien in the midst of her peers, she is forced to believe that she can't pass that exam without compromising.
The teachers in charge will say annoying things and bullying words to her, they would make the hall uncomfortable for her and may even threaten not to submit her answer sheets afterwards.

All these could make a young person cry uncontrollably in the middle of an exam.

This is not a judgemental post but a wake up call to mummies/daddies, aunties/uncles, teachers/counsellors. 
Our society is gradually decaying, our young people are missing it because they ain't actually seeing good examples to copy. Please, I want to crave our indulgence to do right and live right for the sake of our young ones that are bleeding and giving up.

First, be a good example by the way you live. Follow up your children with their studies, attend PTAs, allow them speak to you when they want to, love them sincerely and build a trust system they can trust even while asleep.

God bless you!

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