By Peace Wobo
Nigeria has not failed us, it is Nigerians that have failed. We have failed and we have to do something to correct our wrong. The country is in a state of mess because we don't really care about it. Is it possible for a land to fail? No! The people in the land are the ones that fail not the land. We know that our leaders have failed, our leaders have massively failed us but have we not also failed ourselves? Look at our streets, gutters and roads. People don't have good sense of managing waste. Waste products are being disposed carelessly, drainage channels are being blocked with refuse materials of different kinds. 

Contractors will be given contracts to work on our roads, they will share the money and then use substandard materials which will leave the road in the same or even worst state, don't be surprised he is a Nigerian Contractor. Someone will blame the government for this. Yes, I still will agree with you because the government can come up with a proper Waste Management System that can equally create employment for Nigerians but since we don't have that yet, let's utilize the ones that have been made available to us. The government can inculcate check and balance so that people can be monitored in every given contract and deliver accordingly. 
I have seen people empty their trash on the street whenever it's raining, I've seen people sweep dirt into gutters; market women do these a lot, people will sit inside vehicles eat, and throw the waste on the road. Is the government responsible for all these? At least, they have provided us with gutters to channel and manage drainage properly but we block the gutters. Then when it rains, everywhere will be flooded and people will be complaining that the government is not doing anything about it. Haba! There are designated places for dumping our trash at approved times, so why don't we keep to that?  Until we take up responsibilities until Social Responsibility becomes everybody's responsibility we can not get anywhere. Stop saying that you are not the only one that is doing it,  after all, if I don't do it, someone else will do it. Don't be that someone else, be the only sane person, be the one person that will stand for what is right. Be the one person that has a sense of Social Responsibility. Be the one person that dares to do what is right. Be a patriotic citizen. Biafra is not the solution at all, transformation of mind, true federalism, and patriotism are what we need. 

Especially, mind transformation.
Just that everybody does it, doesn't mean it's right, I have chosen the way I want to live my life, I will never do those things that I know are wrong, though they may be tempting I will be strong, just because everybody does it, doesn't mean its right. 
That's the lyrics of the song that always keep me going. Make up your mind to do the right thing, stand for what is right. Make a difference!
Together we can make Nigeria great again. Be an agent of change for good. Nigeria is God's gift to us and He expects us to manage it well because we will all give an account of how we manage this country. May the labour of our heroes past not be in vain in Jesus' name, Amen.

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Cookeys' Blog said…
Yes Truly, I can body concur that BIAFRA is not the solution too
We Nigerians are the cause of our own problem, we do evil and say this is Nigeria
Peaceable Peace said…
Exactly, we are the cause of our problem. May the LORD God help us. Drop your number for top up.
Unknown said…
Well spoken and articulated

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