Our frustrations in life has little or nothing to do with what God does or doesn't. What I mean is that our frustration in life is not caused by God in anyway.  It is based on our mistaken and sometimes selfish ideas about what we think HE should do or shouldn't. So many people often blame God when they go through challenges, they actually feel that God is responsible for all their misfortunes in life. When you assume, or try to analyse God, you will end up frustrated. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts. Don't do for God what He will do for you, and don't expect God to do for you what you can do for yourself. For instance, Praying is your responsibility, God wouldn't do that for you but He makes grace available when you avail yourself and His Holy Spirit helps you. So, quit worrying and stop blaming God for your misfortunes, God is a loving Father, He is perfect in all His ways. Rather than complain and feel frustrated by life challenges, learn to pray and be grateful for all He has done for you already. Sometimes, we feel that God has not been fair to us. It's only in looking back that you see how the LORD has led and helped you. HE is best at what HE does and HIS track record proves it. So trust God and stop trying to second-guess HIM. Isaiah 55:8 
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.Bless you!

Ingratitude and murmuring is a terrible thing. The whole world is not against you dear.
I hope you learn something from this, remain blessed. 

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