Peace Wobo
It is amazing to record another 365 days. I know that am the sum total of all the choices I have ever made and am grateful to God that I made the best choice which is faith in Christ Jesus.
Do you wonder what grace is all about? Wonder no more, my life is a living example of grace at work. 
I am totally grateful to God for the opportunity to celebrate yet another birthday. May His name be praised.

Please readers, friends and relatives. Join me to celebrate me on this glorious day of my life.
Happy birthday to me.
It is my Due Season

2282 4812 0121 90994
If you successfully load it, be sure to indicate. 
More to come... Keep checking to get yours
AIRTEL 0667 3923 0233 1258
GLO 13078 32783 10873
Please it's not right for someone to load without indicating, please indicate when you load. Thanks

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Peaceable Peace said…
Please whoever has loaded the card should identify, I can't share more if I don't get the beneficiary.
Adeniyi Tolu said…
You are a shinning light ��.Keep Shinning, keep on being yourself. Happy birthday Peace
Teemikemedia said…
The card has already been used by another person
Divinehouse said…
Congratulations .... . God bless your new age
Peaceable Peace said…
Thanks so much @Mr Adeniyi, am grateful.
Onyendi Mary said…
Wow i have loaded the airtel ooooh happy birthday to sister peace
Peaceable Peace said…
Congrats to you? Are You my namesake? Thanks for identifying
Onyendi Mary said…
I am Mary Onyendi, that's a mistake. I've edited my profile. So sorry, I never knew
Peaceable Peace said…
Who has loaded the GLO card please?
Deb said…
Happy glorious birthday sister peace. You're an amazing person with a good heart. God bless an keep you.
Peaceable Peace said…
Thanks so much ma and I say Amen to your prayer @Deb

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