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Hello there, have we noticed that people are too quick to judge men of God?  Even among the Christian fold, we judge and condemn ourselves without a second thought.  I might have also been guilty of this, may God have mercy on me in Jesus name Amen.

Know this; before any man became a Pastor, he was first a male child  who grew into a teenage boy, became a youth,  matured into a man before becoming a Pastor. 

Some children are born special, I mean their parents will always know that this child is going to be God's servant just like the case of Moses (Exodus 2:2) and such parents help nurture them in that direction.

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Yet Moses grew up with the Egyptians, and even made some mistakes that led to his running out of Egypt to the land of Midian and there he encountered God while serving his father in-law. 

What's my point in all these? To the Christian fold, let's not be too fast in joining others to criticize men of God especially when someone comes up with something that happened years ago. 

Yes!  It's possible that he made that mistake while he was a boy, a teen, a youth or a man before he encountered God and knew his calling. If God has forgiven him and equally qualified him to be his servant then why should we criticize him destructively and judge him as if we have called him? Yes, he can still be punished by the law if found guilty, am not against that but let's not criticize a new creature over something he did as a sinner.

If he didn't do it as a Pastor and you didn't sue him before he became a Pastor. Then leave the Pastor alone! The man that did the evil is now a changed man, a new man altogether, a Pastor called by God. Someone might say, people will reap what they have sown. I know that, but the moment a man gets born again he is a new creature though he might still suffer some consequences of his old actions but let's not be the ones destroying ourselves rather let's see them as wounded soldiers and support them on our knees. 

Besides, every Pastor was first a man in Adamic nature, and no man has ever been perfect in that nature not even the first Adam.

Am not saying we should keep quiet when we see people doing evil in the name of a Pastor,  if a man is caught with evidential proof of evil practices in the cover of being a Pastor, let's rebuke and say no and if possible get such to be punishable by law but let's not criticize and condemn such over unproved allegations. 

I end my case with this; James 4:17, NASB: "Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin."

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