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 A Journal of God's Faithfulness
Apart from the salvation of my soul which is the greatest miracle of my life, I can still recall some physical manifestation of God's faithfulness in my life. 
Time will fail me to write down everything but I wouldn't fail to note this ones.

The first day I stepped into Auchi Polytechnic, in 2014, I told God I want to leave Auchi with Distinction and I wrote it down as a prayer point. My first semester, Distinction and I remained there till I graduated.

In 2016, during my final year in school, I needed a Laptop for my project which I  told God, at first it looked as though it wasn't going to be possible but I kept trusting God for a laptop. As God would have it, my president brother Israel Afolabi called me to say he wants to buy a laptop and he wants me to go with him so he could make the right choice. Do you know what happened next? The President and I actually lived in the same compound, we had everything in common yes, I understand what Acts 4:32 meant, he had my keys and I had his keys, he comes to my room to get whatever he wants when am not around and I do likewise to his room. We bought the laptop and he said, Prayo, this is also your laptop, I don't really have need of it so carry it whenever you want for your project typing. What! This God is too much, He didn't give me a personal laptop but He met my need when it was most necessary, at the right time I mean. I graduated from a department where it is considered wrong for someone to type your project and being the kind of person I am, I needed to type my project myself besides it is less expensive that way. God provided me a laptop when I needed it.
A note on SUCF
To be honest, if  am to go back to higher institution for any reason, I will always be a part of SUCF, upholding righteous standard on campus. In SUCF, I experienced genuine brotherly love, even in the compound the president and I stayed, the people referred to us as Pastors, we never told them we were but they saw Christ in us. If we were doing any dirty thing, belief me the compound people would be the first to make mockery of our Christianity. Please let your children identify with SUCF, churches SU don't take away your members rather they train them to become committed church members. Let's stop opening churches in campuses as campus fellowship, we can't do it better than SU  believe me.

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When we graduated, I didn't go for Service because I was on exemption, don't ask me why. I told God to give me something that will cover for my service year and in that same year, God gave me a teaching job in one of the best paid schools in my area and I earned #35,000 a month and I taught there for one good year. This God is too good.

In 2018, I was running a computer program at Tech Creek, Database Administration and MYSQL was part of it so I needed a laptop to practice at home and my mummy in the Lord gave me her laptop and it served that purpose. God always miraculously met my needs. 

In the same 2018, I misplaced my phone, so a neighbour gave me his old Tecno W1 to use and that phone really served me, with it I started my blog on 26th December 2018, then the phone was no longer meeting my needs, in 2019 on my birthday, I told God I needed a better phone as a birthday gift. I didn't get it then, so I moved on with my life, then in July I got a Gionee P8W from brother Gbenga's wife Sis Taiwo and before then Pastor Kunle gave me 5k to add to whatever I had to buy phone, that 5k met another need. This faithful God is too good to me. I don't deserve His love but am grateful.

80% of my clothing including foot wears were bought for me, I mean new clothes even my native wears were made with materials I received.

It pays to serve Jesus. God is not a wicked God, He never forsakes His own.
I can't start counting the prayers He answered, and mercy shown to my family. My siblings and I have see the LORD'S goodness, His mercy and compassion.
Just 31st December 2019, I went out to fix my old watch and there a total stranger got me a new and much better watch.

Friday's (31/1/20) Daily Guide reading really prompted me to recount some of these things and thank God for His faithfulness in my life, both in time past and present.

God is really and truly faithful. Believe me, what I have written here, is just a tip of the iceberg. Between January 1st to date, He has done so much that I can't begin to mention.

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