Secrets to Succeeding as an Employee

By Peace Wobo
Be a Good Shepherd

Greetings to you!
I bring you secrets to succeeding at your work as an employee. The Word of God is indeed complete, what would one do without it? 
I don't need to remind you that am a Scripture Union member and I use Daily Guide (DG) and most of the things I share here are lessons God taught me while having my quiet time. The Book of John is one of a kind among the Gospels. In today's DG reading we were talking about the good shepherd and a hireling. Text is taken from John 10:11-21, please read from your Bible.

While doing this study, the Lord opened my eyes to some basic truths as to why some people don't succeed in their job and struggle all through their life. 
A good shepherd takes his job as his own and will do anything morally and legally right to protect the interest and well being of the company or organisation he/she works for. 
Please note: anything morally and legally right. It must not be immoral and illegal please. A hireling will do the work any how because it's not his/her company or organisation, does not care about what happens to the well being of the company but is only interested in his/her monthly salary, if anything goes wrong he cares less and doesn't take responsibility for any wrong even in his/her department, once the company faces one slight set back, they quickly leave.

Now, if you have been struggling at your work, I mean you are neither blessed nor fulfilled after working in a place for so many years, then examine yourself, you are probably a hireling and that's why you don't attract God's blessing at your work. 
When you work as a good shepherd, you prosper naturally, your salary may not be much but you will find peace and fulfillment and you will see God make provisions for things you need but can't afford with your salary and in return you will see yourself having more than enough and have a good savings. 

Are you a good shepherd or a hireling? Do you know that a hireling is often considered a shepherd and given the responsibilities of a shepherd? You wouldn't know that one is a hireling until a situation arises. The hireling will quickly abandon the sheep and run for his/her life but the good shepherd will stick his/her life for the sheep. Both the hireling and the good shepherd are both considered shepherds but situation will differentiate them in time.

If you want to excel, succeed and attract God's blessing in your work, be a good shepherd. When you are no longer comfortable at a job quit it than grumble and do the work carelessly. Try this and see what happens.
When you are a good shepherd, God blesses you even when your employer is very wicked.
I will always love you because God loves you the most.
Remain Blessed!

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You can pray the prayer for today:
Pray for grace to be a good shepherd, caring and making sacrifices for God's flock like Jesus Christ.

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