How God arrested Roberto Firmino of Liverpool FC

The interesting thing about God is that He never lacks a man in any field of endeavour or profession. It shouldn't surprise you that God has people everywhere, and football is not an exception. God's children are everywhere.
Today, I would like you to meet ROBERTO FIRMINO the Liverpool FC STRIKER who got converted and is  now seriously preaching the Word of God and winning souls. 

He got converted by ALISON BECKER the Liverpool Goalkeeper and was baptized in BECKER'S swimming pool.
God is raising men everywhere. 
God needs more men on this mountain. Believers that will take over nations for JESUS. What are you still waiting for? What is your excuse, why are you delaying? Don't be left out dear, Jesus loves you, come on this side of life and reality.
Your profession or career is not an excuse, God needs to raise men right where you are.

This gladdens my heart so much. Let's make sure we are representing JESUS evidently anywhere we find ourselves as believes.

Well done brother Becker and Firmino. 

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