By Gloria Bamiloye 

Beloved, here is AN END-TIME REVELATION FROM GOD you must hear about.

I saw a wonderfully big train, very long to the extend that I could not see its end, it carried different kinds of passengers of both men and women, young and old of different languages and races.

On the side of the train was a tittle - THE SAINT ON THEIR JOURNEY TO HEAVEN.

Suddenly, I saw people jumping out of the train as a result of delay in their daily food and it got to a time when I particularly wanted to get out but an old man behind me urged me to exercise more patience, he added that those that were leaving the train had been Spiritually injured though physically they may look healthy but their spiritual lives had been endangered, that was why they could not continue with us again in the journey.

Reluctantly, as I wanted to have my sit. I saw another man holding a trumpet making an attempt to blow it. Immediately I saw this I quickly ran towards the old man in order to hug him in appreciation of the advice he gave me. But to my big surprise, instead of the man having a cheerful look at me, he was crying profusely and bitterly. I then asked him the reason behind his crying.

He told me that he was not happy due to the fact that billions of saints had gone out of the train as a result of challenges of life and situation many of them found themselves.

"But sir, this is worthy of celebration because we have made it already". I said unto the man. "Of what benefit is it if we make it but miss our children, wives, family members, relatives, friends pastors, church members, leaders and other people that are very close to us in one way or the others? The old man asked. He added that some of those that won many souls into the train are no longer in the train, some of those that helped us in the train are now found wanting in the journey. "What can we do now?"I asked. Hmmmmm "Let's try all our possible best to start shouting their names, calling them to come back for the trumpet is about to sound" he answered.

Immediately, we started calling them with a louder voice, 'Pastor, G.O, Reverend, brethren, etc. Surprisingly, I saw many of them coming back towards the train but they have been in one way or the other injured to the extend that some of them were crawling like babies because they have been seriously injured.

The old man concluded that every Christian should make use of the gifts and resources at their disposal to call people back into the kingdom before the trumpet is finally blown.

Please join the team of the end-time evangelists by sharing the message with your friends, family and other contacts on your phone, Thanks. I just fulfilled mine. 

The GRACE TIME is fast running out, do something NOW before its too late. God bless you. Jesus loves you and still relying on you.

- The Evangelist. I pray we all shall not miss heaven 🙏


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