How to Know God's Will on any Matter

Permit me to start this way. While my Bishop ministered this morning, he made mention of some persons that obeyed God and experienced fruitfulness, and Isaac was one of them and that's where I will be starting from.

I started trying to reason how it must have made no sense to Isaac to sow in a land where every other person's crop and plant died without yielding any fruit but he heard God (that's key) and he obeyed (much more important) and his case was different. Lesson No 1: The problem is not about hearing God but obeying Him when we do because God always speaks to His children.

Now, am learning something key here. At the time of instruction, God's will may look so difficult and foolish to human reasoning, logic, intelligence and what have you? God's will never appears appealing from the onset, there must be things that would want to make your human sense to doubt it but you know that God's foolishness is wiser than the wisest man🤩, this is why the Scriptures says in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that we do not walk by sight but by faith and 2 Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

It really takes faith and absolute trust to do God's will. It won't be easy for you as a human but when you surrender, ah! God steps in and makes it easy 😍🥰

Why most of God's children (including me) struggle with God's will at times is because we do a lot of human calculations, we gather a lot of opinions and listen to a lot of distracting voices. We apply our intellectual, exposure, background, upbringing and then our personal choices in deciding what's best for us whereas our Father knows what's best for us. Imagine if Isaac had decided to bring in his experience as a seasoned farmer - he could have made the worst mistake of his life. When God speaks, our experience and every other thing we know must keep quiet.

Am not saying intelligence, exposure, background knowledge and personal choice is wrong, after all, whatever we decide will still be our choice, we can choose to obey or disobey God, but take this from me, once we hear from God none of such can match it or even understand it and no matter how contradicting it may seem to us, obeying will be for our own good.

And I have come to discover that it is very easy to know God's will but difficult to accept. You might want to disagree with me if you have never been there but if you know how your Father speaks to you and you know His voice then you will know what am saying.

So How Do you Know God's Will? 
1. You will have peace and quietness about that matter, once you take that step, all your fear disappears, you will have this confidence that doesn't come from anywhere but from God. 
2. The Holy Spirit will keep bearing witness with your spirit that you are in the right path. 
3. The Word of God will confirm the voice or dream you had. Once it disagrees with God's Word (the Bible) then it can't be God speaking.
4. As you walk in obedience, things will begin to fall in place and made clearer. 

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