Come to the Bible with an Open Heart

The Jewish rulers (Pharisees/Sadducees) were a sect of religious leaders that claimed to know almost everything that was written in the Laws yet the words of the Law never affected or changed their lives, their lives were never imparted by the Word of God because they were not coming to the Word with an open heart.

These people knew the written Word but they never had the spoken Word. They allowed the letter to becloud their reasoning to the extent that they did not open their hearts to hear God speak. That is why they can quote the laws and yet fail to abide by it, they know everything that was written in the Bible and where, and they also knew everything that was said about the Messiah and how He was going to come and from where but when the Messiah came they did not believe in Him, they refused to accept Him because they have made up their mind that this is how He must come. So if He does not come in that form He is not the Messiah. 

You cannot approach God's Word like that and still expect to hear from God.
The Bible is one book we must approach with an open heart, you can't come to the Word of God expecting to get interpretation based on what you already have in your mind. 
That's why the Bible in Psalms 18:25-26 tells us;
25:With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;
26:With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.

God pays attention to our heart, when we come before Him, He knows the state of our heart and will deal with us according to our heart. He also relates to us according to our level of understanding. God can never go beyond this two things. That's why you must have an open heart and grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We must approach God's word with an open heart, come before His Word willing to be reproofed, corrected, and instructed in righteousness. Don't ever approach God's Word with what you believe you already know. Allow God to speak to you, be open, be sincere, come in your naked state.

You cannot come before God's Word and expect to teach God His Word instead of being taught by Him. That's what you actually do when you come to His Word holding tightly to what you think or have been made to believe over the years. Be vulnerable before God knowing that only Him has the Truth you seek.

That's why the Bible is like a mirror, you can't tell what you look like or how well you're dressed until you see yourself in a mirror. We must allow ourselves to be exposed before the mirror of His Word daily. 

I have been corrected and instructed severally through His Word because I always come with a heart that is ready to accept the Truth. 

God's Word is the only thing that can never mislead you when you come with an open heart, our problem most times is that we allow the doctrine of men and what we have been told to becloud our heart so much that we become unwilling to yield to the teachings of the Holy Spirit. God wants to meet personally with each of us on a daily basis. Go to church and hear the word, worship and encourage one another but come back to your secret place to hear God for yourself. Most things about you will be revealed to you in your secret place. Your maturing will take place in the secret place not in public.

Study the Word everyday!

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