By Peace Wobo

Do you know that everybody is not qualified to be your friend?
You need friends that needs you, (don't force yourself on people). You need friends that will correct, counsel, love, hurt you at times and always stand by you. Where there is sincerity, there will always be room to err and to forgive. Don't abandon a true friend who did you wrong but realised it and genuinely ask for forgiveness. True friends don't often hurt you as well, they don't hurt you intentionally and they see your problem as their problem. They believe in you and in your dreams when nobody else does. Stay away from someone that hurts you all the time, stay away from someone that enjoys getting you into trouble, stay away from someone that uses you to his/her advantage alone, stay away from someone that never believes in your dreams and abilities. Stay away from someone that your heart does not connect with because "As in water face answers to and reflects face, so the heart of man to man" Proverbs 27:19

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Your true friends bring out the best in you and they don't always tell you what you want to hear but they speak the truth in love; they tell you what you have to hear. Friendship is the best thing that can happen to anybody. So, connect with your true friends and stay away from bad companies.
Peaceable Peace

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Unknown said…
The 13 Essential Friendship Traits
I am trustworthy.
I am honest with others.
I am generally very dependable.
I am loyal to the people I care about.
I am easily able to trust others.
I experience and express empathy for others.
I am able to be non-judgmental.
I am a good listener.
Peaceable Peace said…
Wow! Good one bro, keep it up.
Faith Chima said…
Wow! Indeed, only your true friends can tell you the truth

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