Campus Life Versus Life at Home

By Peace Wobo

I want to us to talk about this two lives as a youth or as a teenager. Your life in the campus and your life at home, which is better preferred? Please am not talking about married life, just singles life.

To me, campus life is the best as compared to life at home. What is your own opinion?

Life is life, whether it is life at home or life at the campus but there are certain things that will define the best years of your single life and life in the campus are one of those years.

If you can't build a strong relationship with God while in campus, I bet you will struggle to do so outside the campus. Check men and women who are doing exploits for the Lord today, most of them caught the fire and built a firm relationship with God while in the campus, while some caught the fire while in secondary. The best years of my single life remains the years spent in school.
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There are few difference between campus life and home life. When you are in school you just miss family, friends, neighbours, good food and all the comfort of home. When you are at home, you miss friends, course mates, lectures and campus life - this includes difficult lecturers, good lecturers, assignments, presentations, group work, tests and exams, free extra moral classes, SUG campaign etc. One major advantage of campus life is that you plan your to do list to suit you without inteference from parents and family members, you are on your own, you have freedom to plan and organize your schedule to suit you. You decide when to pray, when to attend class, when to study your books and when to have your quiet time, etc and you are faithful to it because nothing interferes with it, even when lecturers fix extra classes you still have this time to your advantage. You will face academic stress, cooking stress and other activities which are religiously related. You decide what to attend and what not to attend and you choose your friends unlike some friends you had because they were family friends.
At home, you plan and organize your schedules to suit everyone. You are been dragged during holiday visits because everyone wants you to come around before you go back and most us will prefer visiting uncle's and aunties without going home to support our struggling parents which is bad. Sometimes you come back to rest without helping out with any chores but except to go back with money and food stuffs. However, and wherever you are, you can never run away from responsibilities. Responsibilities are just part of life. We can never run from them. You have responsibilities both in school and at home. Learn to be responsible wherever you are. Those who say they go home to rest, belief me; I don't know how they pull through with that. Because I always go home to work and at home my to-do list is not always followed because one family member can interrupt it at any given time but since I have mastered the act of waking up to pray early hours of the day, nobody interferes with that except that I can be loaded with work during the day so much that the body becomes useless at the time of prayer but this w is the Holy Spirit takes over. For in my weakness are His strength made perfect in me.

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Having understanding of this two life, will help you complain less and give in more.

At home you miss school and at school you miss home.
At school you meet the most wonderful friends in your life, wonderful brethren and sometimes your life partner.

So, I want to hear your own opinion on this matter.

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