Smart Phone - A Modernized Idol

Smart Phones - A modern day idol indeed. It is very disturbing to see how a gadget built to help us communicate and work better is gradually competing with the place of God in our lives and most of us are not aware or even seeing it as an issue. Smart Phones are gradually drifting us away from God. Seriously, we weren't this distracted when we had digital and analog phones alone. We allow our phones control us even in church. 

Does it mean that having a smart phone is bad? NO! But allowing it control you is bad and not just phones but anything that distracts you from God's presence is bad but my focus today is the use of smart phones in church.

These days people come to church/Christian gatherings with their data turned on and consistent chatting while service is ongoing. Some even go as far as streaming videos in church and this is happening while a sermon or study is ongoing. Ah! 

How can I leave my house to church for service but am online chatting all through the service, then I've wasted that time, I should have just stayed back at home so as to freely chat. So, if you do that in church 🤔 what do you do at home? I really wonder because the phone stays with you every second of of the day. You left your house for a purpose why let the devil cheat you with something you bought with your money?

The few hours you will give to the service will not kill you, except it's a matter of urgency and even at that, you will get to go through your chats after service and reply or act accordingly. Why do you rather choose to be a pretender? Yes, if you are in church but online, you aren't participating in the service, honestly you know that you won't be able to take anything out of that service but you claim that you went to church, your neighbours will say you went to church, ushers will count you among the attendance for the day but what about God's attendance list? Did you make His attendance list?

Malachi 3:16
NIV:Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

Do you think your name will be written in that scroll of remembrance concerning those who feared the Lord while you were busy chatting through out the service? Think about it.

The one that annoyed me recently which I couldn't overlook right inside church and immediately called the person to order was checking betting scores while service was on, this particular brother was seating in front of me, so when I stand I see his screen and he wasn't even participating in the service, I tapped him from behind and said what I said, then he pocketed the phone. This was right inside the church and service was on. It is alarming.

What about those of us who play games with our phones while service is on? A lot of young people do that these days and it is really insane.

We are becoming a generation that fears God with our mouth but our actions dishonour Him and betrays us. Most of us are gradually making smart phone our gods and we are dis-honouring God in Church by so doing. 

Is it not disrespectful to be pressing phone when an adult is talking to you? Can you be at work and be on your phone while you have work to do and your boss is standing before you? The answer is capital No but we do it in church disrespecting our Maker or you don't know that God is watching. 

So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God Romans 10:17 but how would you hear when you are physically in church but psychologically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually online in your chat boxes?

No wonder the Bible says search the scriptures not search the phone. 
Note: I am not against having a smart phone because am using one, nor am I against having Bible Apps in your phone because it helps a lot, it is handy.
Nevertheless, in as much as having Bible Apps in our phones is good we shouldn't let the phone and internet control us especially when we appear in the presence of God, if you allow that, it is disrespectful and evil. If you are not using that phone as a notepad or Bible during service, you are wrong, and you have to deal with the flesh.

This post is not referring to the media department, those who stream the service and messages live, no it's not about them because they are functioning in their department to aid the spreading of the gospel and I've discovered that media department helps people there to pay attention because they have to display bible verses mentioned by the preacher and also drop some of the preachers quote from the sermon on the screen, someone that ain't paying attention can't do that.

This post is referring to those of us who come to church and go online chatting inside the church while service is on.

Balance it, refuse to be distracted in church. If you must write with your phone or use Bible app, turn off your data so that distracting things don't pop in because you can't help it once your data is on.

The Lord is warning you and I to be guided. God is not happy that we seek Him with our mouth but our heart seems far away.

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